Ausgrid Power2U Solar Rebate for Selected NSW Residents

Receive up to $750 off your solar installation with the Ausgrid Power2U Demand Reduction Incentive Program.



The Ausgrid Power2U project involves the establishment a $4.1 million fund to help selected customers to permanently reduce their electricity use on Ausgrid’s network. By permanently reducing customer demand for grid supplied electricity, Ausgrid can delay, or avoid, network investment and, over time, lower the cost of electricity for all customers.

How the project works

The two year project offers incentives to customers to permanently reduce their electricity use on Ausgrid’s network. The incentives will be offered in selected suburbs in the Sydney area and will focus on encouraging customers to implement new solar power systems and efficient lighting retrofits. This project seeks to demonstrate that demand management can delay or avoid replacement of aged network assets. For more information on the program, check the press release here.

Area of innovation

Network demand management is the practice of reducing or modifying customer demand for electricity to avoid or delay investment in poles and wires, which can, over time, lower the cost of electricity for all customers. Traditionally, demand management has focused on network investments to respond to increasing electricity demand.

Currently, more than 80% of Ausgrid and the majority of Australian network investment is related to replacement of aged assets. The development of a viable cost effective non-network alternative for these types of investments can extend demand management to a much greater volume of network expenditure.


The project offers Ausgrid and other electricity networks a possible cost effective alternative to replacing aged network assets.

The permanent reduction in customer demand for grid supplied electricity also offers Ausgrid greater flexibility in managing unplanned outages, leading to improved reliability for customers.

The project offers participating customers a way to save money, reduce their emissions and ultimately share their energy via the grid.

How UNIfied Energy Services Fits In

UNIfied Energy Services is one of Ausgrid’s selected market providers working on the Power2U project to offer home owners and businesses a better deal on solar and LED lighting. As part of the program, UNIFied can offer rebates on residential solar from $450 to $750 depending on the system size. We can also offer significant discounts on commercial Solar and LED lighting systems. These incentives are in addition to any applicable Federal or State based incentives. To understand how you can apply for this additional incentive, give us a call or leave your details in the form above and we will get in touch.