Power through the night

A solar battery system allows you to store
excess energy for when you need it 

Energy When You Need It

Now’s a great time to investigate the advantages of solar batteries.   

Solar batteries are used to store electric energy captured through the use of solar panels. One of the major benefits of battery backed solar is it allows you to use the energy at a time that suits you. When your consumption is greater than what solar system can produce, the battery will start to supply any stored power (up to the limit of your inverter capacity) and once the battery is fully discharged, any additional energy required will still be purchased from the grid.

The Victorian Labor Government has committed to funding a battery rebate as part of their Solar Homes initiative. Eligible homeowners will be able to save up to $4,838 on installation of a battery storage unit. This will save households with an average 11kW battery around $650 a year on their electricity bills in addition to savings they are already making with solar panels.

This is about modernising our electricity grid to help us transition to a more affordable, reliable and clean energy system.”

– Lily D’Ambrosio (Minister for Energy)

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Please be aware that without a hybrid inverter you can only install an AC battery system