Dutton Garage has positioned itself at the forefront of the collectible car world. Their world-class showroom showcases the pinnacle in prestige, luxury and classic cars. The team at Dutton Garage is constantly scouting global markets to buy rare and exotic cars. Buying a collectible car at Dutton Garage is a hassle free “turnkey “experience. One of our qualified team members will manage a full door-to-door delivery process of your collectible car. Other turnkey services include: Full engine and body restorations. Extensive race preparations of historic and modern race cars.

LED Lighting

Dutton Garage has Metal Halide Highbay, which generated heat, and required regular maintenance, so upgrading to LED lighting delivers multiple benefits in this environment. UNIfied’s LED upgrade ensured higher lux levels throughout the facility (meeting AS/NZS 1680 lighting standards), and will reduce lighting costs by >$3,000 per year.

Solar PV System

Energy is obviously a big concern to the company as it is essential the climate within the showroom is controlled to preserve the exclusive range of luxury cars. The 80 kW solar installation on the roof of the new premises reflects the forward thinking attitude of the business.

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