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UNIfied Energy Services specialise in lowering energy costs through the implementation of solar, LED lighting and building management software. Whether you work in an organisation, a school or for local government, an energy audit is the first step to energy savings.

Receive a detailed analysis of your energy use and understand the available solutions you could take to lower consumption. The energy audit provides a summary of solutions as well as return on investment metrics for organisational consideration.

Energy audits are used for business case justification, project design, and as a baseline to measure and track post-upgrade savings. Feel free to reach out on 13 86 43 to speak with an energy saving specialist today

Why Take A FREE Energy Audit?

  • To identify an existing energy consumption baseline;
  • To quantify energy usage according to its discrete functions;
  • To benchmark with similar facilities under similar weather conditions;
  • To understand energy savings analysis by product type;
  • To understand return on investment metrics;
  • To understand funding options and government subsidies.
Before and After LED lighting costs

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