LED Highbay Lights

We’re Australia’s most reputable supplier of LED lighting, and it’s easy to see why with our exclusive range of highbay lights and motion sensors – fit for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

LED Tube Lights

Our second generation of LED tube lighting is here to save money, provide better lighting and increase energy efficiency. More specifically, our TITAN high efficiency tube range includes the latest in lighting technology to illuminate your commercial, residential or industrial space in ways you never thought possible!

LED Panels

Best of all, you can utilise these panels anywhere with a T-Bar ceiling – making them a practical lighting solution for your individual needs. Troffers come in three sizes including the 1×4; 2×2; and 2×4 version for simplicity and flexibility, giving you bright lighting that saves you money at the same time.

LED Batten Lights

We have a range of leading batten brands including the BRAVO 1200 Series Lights, the LED LUNAR Linkable 900 Series, the LED WALSH– which is non-dimmable – plus many more to choose from depending on your lighting solution requirements.

LED Downlight

Our downlights are produced using the finest quality materials that are built to last and stand the test of time – our continuously growing list of customers will even testify to this. LED downlights can be used for a variety of applications.

LED Flood Lights

LED flood lights are great for areas that need extra light, such as a shed or another industrial area. However their main benefit is that they give you a good spread of lighting across a larger area.

Recessed LED Downlights

Recessed LED downlights are not only energy saving, they include advanced features such as the ability to place fixtures into drop ceilings in order to being a fresher perspective to any environment. In fact, they’re ideal for office lighting and other commercial applications.

LED Shopfitter

Retrofitting is made easy with handy cut-out sizing thanks to the latest inclusion of recessed shopfitters into our product range. Say goodbye to your energy consuming metal halides that waste your money and damage the environment at the same time.

LED Canopy Light

LEDs are ideal for petrol station & cool room.