Commercial Solar Energy Solutions

We know it makes sense to use the sun to power business but choosing the right solar system can be difficult. We understand this and have addressed the two major obstacles of costs and complexity to make your decision easier.

Experience is Everything

UNIfied’s management team having installed over 185 MW of solar PV Australia wide.

The Right Information

We examine your energy usage and tailor a system to you.

Complete Installation

Premium installers work with project engineers to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

Feed-in Tariff Rises From 1 July 2018!

The commission’s final decision is to set two feed-in tariffs (FiTs) to apply from 1 July 2018, of which retailers must offer at least one:1

  • the time-varying FiT, and/or
  • the single-rate FiT.

The final tariff rates are set out in table S.1 and S.2.

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Table S.1 Time-varying minimum feed-in tariff – final tariff rates 

Table S.2 Single-rate minimum feed-in tariff – final tariff rate 

What is the right size UNIfied solar system for you?

Our SOLARfied team is dedicated to saving you money so we will tailor a system to your usage needs and not ‘oversize’ you. Oversized systems create more energy than you can use, therefore transferring energy back to the grid is inevitable and costly. It’s costly because you pay for a system that you are not fully utilising and receive just a small c/kWh rate for the energy you transfer back to the grid. Contact us now and ask how an oversized system will end up costing you money.

Pay nothing up front to get a UNIfied solar system working for you

When it comes to cost, the Solar Energy Plan (SEP) gets you on the path to energy independence with no upfront costs.

The Solar Rental Plan is a fixed term plan through which you pay for electricity generated by an installed system for a fixed c/kWh rate.

Typically, the fixed c/kWh rate is lower than your current energy retailer charge and protects your business from rate rises during the term.

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Why UNIfied Solar?

► Extensive installation experience Australia-wide

► Suppliers of high quality Solar Panels and Inverters

► Most versatile payment processes

► Full service project management

►25 year panel warranty

►10 year inverter warranty (manufacturer)

►5 year installation warranty (workmanship)