complaints and disputes resolution policy

September 2019

Unified Energy Services
Complaints and Disputes Resolution Policy

Any references in the below to “we”, “our” or “us” are references to Unified Energy Services.


Unified Energy Services greatly appreciates the importance of resolving customer complaints wholly and in a timely fashion. To allow us to effectively respond to complaints, they should be appropriately recorded and assessed by relevant staff and managers as part of a disputes and complaints management process.

1. Purpose of this Complaints and Disputes Resolution Policy

a. To appropriately recognise customer rights to freely make a complaint about their interactions with Unified Energy Services.
b. Ensure that a disputes and complaints management process is in place
c. Action and resolve complaints and disputes within a reasonable timeframe, ensuring that our response is provided in an efficient and courteous manner
d. Ensure a regular audit of complaints and disputes, actions and resolutions is undertaken on a regular basis to ensure the customer experience is enhanced.

2. Objective

a. To affect an efficient complaints and disputes management process that is adopted by all members of the organisation.
b. This Policy applies to all employees of Unified Energy Services and all individuals who wish to make a complaint about their interactions with us.

3. Policy Statement

a. Unified Energy Services recognises that all individuals have the right to make a complaint and have their complaint heard in a respectful and courteous manner. Individuals also have the right not to experience discrimination as a result of making a complaint. Individuals will be treated fairly, inclusive of the way in which Unified Energy Services communicates with the them and in the way in which we provide our services. This should continue during resolution of a dispute or complaint, thereafter and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
b. Unified Energy Services recognises that disputes and complaints may highlight gaps in our processes and we encourage individuals to provide feedback so that we can address these gaps

Our Commitment

Unified Energy Services is committed to an effective complaints and disputes resolution process, providing our staff the necessary, training, support and other resources to action and provide resolutions accordingly.

Accessibility and Transparency

All Individuals have the right to lodge a dispute or complaint with Unified Energy Services via reasonable available means. This may be via Telephone, Email, Online via our Website or in Writing. All individuals may request an update on the status of their dispute or complaint at any time.

Objectivity and Responsiveness

Complaints and disputes raised with us are handled in an objective, equitable and non-discriminatory manner. We recognise the need to treat all complaints and disputes fairly. This applies to both the individual and the staff member handling the matter. We aim to respond to within a reasonable timeframe, taking into account the complexity of the matter. Should the matter take an extended period of time for any reason, this reason or reasons will be communicated openly.

Confidentiality and Charges

ALL complaints and disputes are handled with the strictest confidence and any and all information collected as a part of the resolution process is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Unified Energy Services will not charge customers for the resolution of complaints or disputes.


Unified Energy Services Senior Management will take ownership of complaints and disputes where it is appropriate and where the staff member handling the matter considers it appropriate to escalate.

Customer Focus and Process Improvement

Unified Energy Services is committed to ensuring our customer experience is of an enhanced quality. We seek to continually improve our processes via a regular audit of complaints and disputes, actions and resolutions, undertaken on a regular basis.

4. When a Complaint is made

a. Unified Energy Services will appropriately and accurately detail the matter provided by the customer or individual and apply objective, equitable and non-discriminatory treatment which seeks to provide an appropriate resolution in a reasonable timeframe.
b. The matter will be assessed and escalated to the appropriate manager or department
c. Unified Energy Services will notify the customer or individual or any updates and progress of the resolution
d. The complaint or dispute will be treated in an efficient and courteous manner, with all personal information treated in accordance with the Privacy Act and our Privacy Policy.
e. Unified Energy Services, where relevant, will make changes to prevent the situation occurring again as part of the applied resolution

4.1 When the Complainant does not consider our resolution satisfactory

a. If the resolution provided by Unified Energy Services is not considered satisfactory by the complainant, they are free to request the matter be reviewed by a member of staff at a more senior than the staff member who handled the initial complaint or dispute.
b. If the complaint or dispute is still not considered satisfactory by the complainant, the complaint may be escalated with a relevant external dispute resolution body. It may also be raised with the office of fair trading or consumer affairs in the relevant state or territory or small claims tribunal or court in the relevant state or territory. The contact Information for these external bodies, offices, tribunals and courts is provided in the External Contact Details section of this policy.

5. Non-discrimination

All customers or individuals have the right to make a complaint or raise a dispute with Unified Energy Services if they do not consider our services or policies satisfactory. Unified Energy Services will not act with discrimination as a result of that customer or individual making a complaint or raising a dispute.

6. Definitions

Unified Energy Services – Means ‘Ledified Lighting Corporation Pty Ltd’ Trading As Unified Energy Services.
Staff Member – Any employees, managers, contractors, sub-contractors or individuals acting as third-party agents for Unified Energy Services.

7. Policy Review

Unified Energy Services will conduct a review of this policy on an annual basis.

Contact Details

Unified Energy Services
Address: G2/51-65 Clarke St Southbank VIC 3006
Phone: 1300 817 847

External Contact Details

Clean Energy Council
Phone: (03) 9929 4100

Offices of Fair Trading – Australian States and Territories

ACT: Access Canberra
Phone: 13 22 81

NSW: Fair Trading NSW
Phone: 13 32 30

NT: Northern Territory Consumer Affairs
Phone: 1800 019 319

QLD:  Office of Fair Trading Queensland
Phone: (07) 3225 2000

SA: Consumer and Business Services
Phone: 131 882

TAS: Consumer, Building and Occupational Services
Phone: 1300 654 499

VIC: Consumer Affairs Victoria
Phone: 1300 558 181

WA: Consumer Protection
(Department of Mines, Industry, Regulation and Safety)
Phone: 1300 136 237

Australian State and Territories – Small Claims Tribunals and Courts
Disclaimer: You should seek independent legal advice about whether this option is available or appropriate for your circumstances

ACT: Small Claims Court
Phone: (02) 6217 4272

NSW: Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal
Phone: 1300 135 399

NT: Local Court – Small Claims Division
Phone: (08) 8999 6298

QLD: Small Claims Tribunal
Phone: (07) 3225 2000

SA: Magistrates Court – Small Claims
Phone: (08) 8204 2444

TAS: Magistrates Court – Minor Civil Claims Division
Phone: (03) 6233 3623

VIC: Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
Phone: (03) 9628 9830

WA: Magistrates Court
Phone: (08) 9425 2222

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