EVs will potentially cut household energy bills in half

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It’s common knowledge that South Australia stands at the forefront of global renewable energy transition, mainly because it is already relying on renewable sources like wind and solar.  This sets them apart from other high renewable grids dominated by hydro or geothermal energy in regions like Scandinavia, Canada, Iceland, and Uruguay.

Andrew Bills, who heads up SA Power Networks, recently stated that the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) will enable households to cut their annual energy expenses by half as they shift from fossil fuels to eco-friendly electricity.

South Australia already is a world leader with 350,000 rooftop solar installations, more than 35,000 batteries and significant potential that will be unleashed by electric vehicles as we electrify transport.


We can kill two birds with one stone when it comes to electric vehicles, with cheaper transport and cheaper energy for households.


EVs have batteries three to ten times the storage capacity of home batteries and are a great opportunity to utilise the state’s abundance of renewable energy. Emerging technologies like smart two-way chargers for EVs also have real potential to slash energy costs for consumers.


Electricity is much cheaper for running a vehicle than petrol/diesel and indicatively we believe that the average household could halve their total energy spend from about $4,500 to about $2,400 per annum by switching to an EV.”

It seems EVs appear to be a crucial factor in the shift toward green energy, especially considering that more than a third of households have rooftop solar panels.

The primary goal for all of us in the renewable energy sector is to encourage households to maximise their electricity usage during daylight hours by utilising surplus solar energy to charge EVs, or power other appliances.

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