Get ready and power through blackouts!

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Half a million homes and businesses in Victoria were left without power in mid February following a major power outage caused by severe winds and massive storm, and many have been told their power won’t be restored until the following week.  Read more in this the Age article. 


If you have installed solar panels on your rooftop, bravo. You’re ready for the next secret weapon: a solar battery! 🌞

Solar batteries hold the key to unlocking the full potential of renewable energy. As sunlight is converted into electricity by the solar panels, any surplus energy generated during sunny days can be captured and stored within these solar batteries for future use.

When electricity is needed yet the sun isn’t shining, e.g. during night time, overcast days or in the event of a blackout,  the stored energy is converted back into usable electricity and readily supplied to your home.

Solar batteries can ensure a continuous power supply all year round. Furthermore, the decline in feed-in tariffs (FiT) is prompting more of our solar customers to seek independence from energy companies by installing a solar battery.

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The good news is there are some great incentives that will make installing a battery financially appealing and more affordable.  The incentives are different for each state.  For example, in Victoria, an interest free loan of up to $8,800 from Solar Victoria is up for grabs to fund your battery purchase.

Why UNIfied? 

At UNIfied, we are here to ensure your clean, energy efficiency journey is as seamless as possible.  You can look forward to paying less on your electricity bills when combining a UNIfied solar system with one of the solar batteries we have in our range.

Contact UNIfied today or call 1300 817 847 to achieve greater savings in these precarious times, and start your journey of clean energy living!


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