How Long do Residential Solar Panels Last?

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How Long Residential Solar Panels Last

Solar power and installing residential solar panels have increasingly become popular due to their low carbon footprint and energy consumption, leading to more savings for homeowners. However, with the gap in knowledge about solar, there are still some questions many homeowners ask: how long do solar panels last?

Yes, solar panels do have their own lifespan. In general, they can last for around 25 – 30 years. Many factors can affect the length of the lifespan of your residential solar panels. We have a few tips for you to increase your solar panel’s life span to the maximum.

Make sure your panels are clean of debris and other materials

Dirt, bird droppings, and leaves can affect your solar panels’ performance. Although rain can help clean them for you, still make sure they are clear of these debris and damaging materials like branches.

Regular maintenance can really help with the smooth functioning

Maintain once-a-year inspections to look for any faulty panels or loose gaps between the panels or wiring. Also, if you live in an area prone to winds and hailstorms, make sure to have a quick check for any damages after a heavy storm.

Choose a trusted solar installer

Surely different brands have different quality solar panels. It is important to choose the right provider that provides high-quality systems and services, ensuring you have the longest-lasting and most reliable panels on the market.

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