New! Online energy tool to help Australians save on power bills

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As covered by Channel 9 recently.  A new online tool, which was launched last Thursday 21st March 2024 by AGL, one of our energy retailer partners, has been designed to help Australian households make the switch to energy-efficient solutions in a bid to help reduce their power bills.


Using your most recent bills from any energy provider, the new Electrify Now online tool weighs up the costs and rebates you may be eligible to, in order to predict your savings and a payback period across a range of products, including solar, home batteries and electric vehicles.


Topping the search list has been appliances that axe gas consumption.  This follows the most recent report from AEMO, as the energy market operator, that has warned of gas shortages from 2028 in southern states, such as Victoria, as supplies fall faster than demand.
As such, we congratulate AGL on its Electrify Now initiative and we look forward to supporting all Australian households in their bid to save on their energy bills.
Why UNIfied? 

At UNIfied, we believe the transition to a smart energy future needs all hands on deck. We are here to ensure your clean, energy efficiency journey is as seamless as possible.  You can look forward to paying less on your electricity bills when combining a UNIfied solar system with one of the solar batteries we have in our range, or by installing a heat pump hot water system.

Contact UNIfied today or call 1300 817 847 to achieve greater savings in these precarious times, and start your journey of clean energy living!

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