Is Solar Energy the Solution for the Climate Change Crisis?

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Is solar energy the solution for climate change crisis

Climate change has become an increasingly concerning issue for the world. With the attention now focused on finding alternative solutions to combat the phenomenon of climate change, renewable energy has been receiving much attention from the public. The most talked about and trusted renewable energy is solar power. 


So, is solar really a solution to the climate crisis?

Yes! Here’s why.

A lot of efforts need to be made together to combat climate change. Although, solar energy can’t be the only solution needed, however,it is one of the most effective and easy initiative in solving the issue.

By using solar panels to generate electricity, it means you are stopping the use of electricity from the grid that generally utilises fossil fuels to generate power. Most of Australia’s electricity is generated from coal and gas-fired power plants.

These sources of energy have real detrimental effects on the environment, thereby, causing the climate change crisis to worsen.

Moreover, fossil fuels will not last forever. So, we need to find a more sustainable alternative – solar. By switching to solar, you can significantly reduce your carbon emissions. This can be done by decreasing the demand for fossil fuels needed.

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Although, it is not the single solution for the climate change crisis. But, by using solar power, you are playing your part in combating climate change that is not only good for the environment, but also for your pocket!

Switch to solar now, and save your wallet and the environment. A win-win!

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