SA Businesses – You may be eligible for a FREE LED upgrade!

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Your business is now eligible for Lighting rebates
Have you ever wanted to switch to LED but are worried about the cost you’ll incur?

No worries! The South Australian government has changed their Retail Energy Productivity Scheme Subsidy (REPS) to help upgrade old, inefficient lighting to LED for SA-based businesses.

A revision to the program caters to large energy users and mixed-use sites alike which means more South Australian businesses are now eligible to use this scheme. This will be a significant help to reduce the cost for businesses as the subsidy will cover between 50 – 80% of the supply and installation costs of the new LED fittings, depending on existing fitting and building type. 

More importantly, this program will give a higher Return-on-Investment (ROI) for businesses looking to switch their lighting to LED as LED typically uses around 70% less energy than traditional lighting.

Coupled with large subsidies, most payback periods we have seen is as short as 12 months. Not only will the upgrades have a high impact on your bottom line, they will help you to both lowering your carbon emissions and improving working conditions. 

Below are some examples of savings across different site types.
Large manufacturing site:
Pre-subsidy upgrade cost  $180,446.74
 Value of discount  ($137,430.55)
 Residual cost to pay  $43,016.19
 Payback period  9 months


Large warehouse with a small office:
Pre-subsidy upgrade cost  $134,315.84
 Value of discount  ($111,618.34)
 Residual cost to pay  $22,697.51
 Payback period  5 months


Medium car repair centre:
 Pre-subsidy upgrade cost  $16,266.98
 Value of discount  ($11,920.83)
 Residual cost to pay  $4,346.15
 Payback period  7 months

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Why UNIfied?

At UNIfied, we are here to ensure your renewable energy transition is as efficient and seamless as possible. We are here to help you pay less for your electricity bills. If you’re interested, UNIfied Energy can offer you an assessment by our accredited lighting auditor and provide your business with an energy savings proposal with no charge or obligation to sign up. 

But, remember, act fast! Because they are using certificate-based payment and there are only limited certificates in the market, so grab them now while it lasts. 

Contact UNIfied today or call 1300 817 847 to achieve greater savings in these precarious times, and start your journey of clean energy living!

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