It may sound complex. But solar is simpler than you think.

At UNIfied Energy Services, we aim to take the complexity out of the solar process to make it easy to understand, quick and affordable, for your family.

Should I consider a solar battery?

The simple answer is YES.  However, a battery system is not for everyone.

The most important thing to think about when considering a solar battery is if your current system is big enough to charge it. Sounds pretty simple, however if you use all of your solar energy to run your home, then a battery isn’t for you as you will never have enough spare energy to charge it.

Here’s some other questions to ask yourself: How much energy do I use? Do I consume most of my energy during the day or night? Is where I live a factor?

If you use a lot of energy, with the greater share consumed in the evening, then you’ll have a positive outcome installing a solar battery. Where you reside not only affects the amount of sunshine your system gets, but also electricity prices and feed-in tariffs (FiT).

OK, if we work out that your solar system is big enough to get a solar battery, the next step is to understand how much you will save. This is the difference between what your feed-in tariff is (what you get paid to send energy back to the grid) and what your energy rate is when you are using your solar battery.

The formula is: Your energy rate – FiT x Battery storage amount x No. of days it is used. Example: 34c – 6c x 10KWh x 365 days = $1,022 / year.

Next, we look at the return on investment. The good news is that some state and local governments offer generous incentives to offset the upfront cost of buying a solar battery. If the battery cost is $3,000, after rebate, and your saving is $1,022 / year, then you will pay off the battery system in 3 years.

To find out about how solar batteries work, click here. You can also talk to our solar specialists on 1300 817 847 to help you decide if a solar battery is the right fit for you and your home.