Solar Batteries

Power Through the Night

A solar battery system allows you to store excess energy
for when you need it

Solar Energy Batteries

How do Solar Batteries Work?

Solar batteries work by storing energy produced by your solar panels for when you need it.

When you install a battery, you’re able to store excess solar electricity at your home instead of sending it back to the grid. If your solar panels are producing more electricity than you need, the excess energy goes  towards charging the battery. Later, when your solar panels aren’t producing electricity, you can draw down the energy you stored earlier in your battery for night use.

Simply put, homes with solar-plus-storage can store excess solar power onsite for use later when the sun isn’t shining. As a bonus, since solar batteries store energy at your home, they also offer short-term backup power in the event that there’s a power outage.

Solar Battery Pack Options

Install new solar and a new battery

Installing a new solar system with a battery may utilise a hybrid solar + battery inverter. This is often the option with the best return on investment amongst the battery offers.

Add a battery to existing solar

Retrofitting a new battery to an existing (battery compatible) solar system is often part of putting on additional capacity to your solar, as the batteries can capture the additional generation. This tends to be the longer payback period for solar and battery combinations.

Install a battery without solar

Naked battery installation (without a generation system like PV solar) allows the household to draw energy from the grid during off peak times, then use it during peak charge times. The potential savings from this option does not have the same attractiveness as the solar attached options.

Daytime Charge Process

Solar panels convert light into direct current (DC) energy.

The solar inverter changes the DC power into alternating current (AC) power which is usable in our homes.

Your switchboard sends the AC power to any running appliances in your home. Any excess power goes to the battery inverter.

Here the power is converted into a storable form, and sent to the battery itself.

The battery charges.

Stored Energy Release Process

When your solar panels stop producing electricity

Any power stored in the battery is called upon to power the home.

The energy is converted to the usable AC form through the battery inverter.

Your switchboard sends the electricity to your running appliances.

When the stored energy in the battery is depleted, the grid supplies whatever else is needed.

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