Solar battery and EV charger combo – the ultimate clean energy solutions for your home!

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Have you thought of powering your home with a solar system and battery, especially if you’ve been thinking of buying an electric vehicle (EV)?

A growing number of Australians are “excited to get their hands on” an EV as sales surged across the country last year in 2023.

Beyhad Jafari, CEO of the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC), said the figures (87,217 vehicles sold in 2023) were promising.

Really encouraging to see that as more electric vehicles are made available in the Australian market and its prices come down, Australians are very excited to get their hands on one,” he said.

“Australia started behind the rest of the world, but we’re very quickly catching up. We hope to continue seeing sales double this year as well, and that challenge gets larger and larger.”

To optimise EV savings, there are no better ways than installing a solar and battery combo system. This is because most people are likely to charge their EV during peak periods (generally between 3pm to 11pm) when they are home from work.

Government incentives to help you

The great news is there are some generous incentives to make installing a solar system plus a battery financially appealing and more affordable.

For example, if you live in Victoria:

  • Access up to $8800 interest free loan from Solar Victoria to help you fund your battery purchase, if eligible. But hurry, this could end by 30 June 2024!
  • There’s also a $1,400 interest-free loan on the solar panels, and a further $1,400 solar rebate, if eligible. These rebates/incentives may change in the new FY24/25 financial year.
Why UNIfied?

To meet this growing market demand, UNIfied is pleased that we can now offer you a bundled package that includes solar, battery and an EV charger*. Let’s power up your home and you can fuel your electric car with clean, free energy from the sun as well.

Here’s what you get:

  • Fast, convenient charging: Top up your EV overnight with our powerful charger.
  • Solar-powered savings: Generate your own clean energy and slash your electricity bills.
  • Environmentally friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint and drive guilt-free.
  • Never run on empty again: Always have a backup power source with the solar battery.

*Please note EV chargers are only available with a solar and/or solar and battery purchase.

Don’t delay, get a UNIfied quote today or contact us on1300 817 847.

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