Why LED is the Best Investment for Your Business

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Why LED is the best investment for your business

What if we tell you that we have achieved cost-efficiency with our lighting and you can also do the same for your business by switching to LED?

Yes, LED lighting!

Just like you, we’re a business too! So, we both know that our businesses need to be as cost-efficient as possible.

You may have heard a lot about people using or switching to use LED Lighting at their office, but why are businesses actively swapping to LED? Let us tell you why.


1. Efficiency

By directing your LED and using dimming functions, you can make sure that the lighting will be used efficiently when and where your business needs it.


2. Longer Lasting

LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours of use, way longer than Halogen CFL. They can be used efficiently with no maintenance for 11 years, and are even backed with warranties to save your business time and money.


3. Better Working Environment

LED Lighting can create a better lighting environment for your business. A well-lit area can improve not only your customer’s impression, but also your employees’ energy levels, moods, and thus, performance. 


4. Green Option

LED lights are eco-friendly and they reduce your C02 emissions and carbon footprint, making your business more sustainable! 


5. Cost-Effective

Switching to LED can save around 80% of your lighting cost as it uses far less energy than traditional lighting. Moreover, there are various existing government incentives, making the switch to LED an even greater investment for your business.

If you’re worried about the costs you’ll incur, don’t worry! We got you! 

The SA Government has just revised their Retail Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS) which has now allowed businesses like yours to be eligible for subsidies up to 80% of the supply and installation costs of LED lighting. Coupled with the power of LED lighting that can save 70% of your lighting costs, you can expect 12 months or even less payback period!


Now, the next step is to choose the right installer for your LED lighting. At UNIfied, we provide commercial LED for a wide range of industries. 


Why UNIfied?


  • We’re Australia’s #1 full service LED specialist
  • Trusted Experts Since 2012 with over 2.9m LEDs installed
  • Assessed and installed by our team of experts in the field. All services are approved by the Clean Energy Council
  • Guaranteed high-quality: ISO certified


“UNIfied has worked with Elders in upgrading a number of our SA branches to LED lighting. We appreciate their professional approach, disciplined process from quote to install. Given the increase in energy cost, coordination of upgrades to LED will reduce our energy consumption!” – Violeta Gibbons | Indirect Procurement Specialist

Start saving now and enjoy the benefits of LED with UNIfied Energy Commercial LED!

What are you waiting for now? Utilise the limited rebates before it runs out!

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