Your Guide to Saving this EOFY with UNIfied

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Your guide to saving this EOFY with UNIfied

EOFY is often a nightmare for most businesses in Australia. From large businesses with numerous accountants to small businesses, this period of the year can be especially dreadful.

However, preceding the end of the financial year is actually the best time to purchase and install solar power systems. For businesses, it can mean a significant reduction in the form of solar power investment. With various government incentives and rebates, businesses can save a lot from the cost of purchasing solar PV systems.

Businesses can get instant asset write-offs and temporary full expensing, including the purchase of our Commercial Solar PV systems. Temporary full expensing is available to eligible businesses and means that you can potentially claim 100% back of your purchase. Click here to learn more.

The various benefits of using solar energy have increased the awareness of many parties. Solar is beneficial to many businesses as it helps in saving energy bills today and in the future, has low maintenance costs, and also allows them to take part in using clean energy to save the environment.

With UNIfied’s tax-deductible Commercial Solar PV Systems, businesses can save on their energy needs today.


Why UNIfied?

  • Industry leaders in eco-efficient PV solutions, generating more energy at a competitive cost with the smallest environmental impact
  • Assessed and installed by our team of experts in the field. All services are approved by the Clean Energy Council
  • Australia’s largest DIVERSified Energy Efficient Specialist
  • Guaranteed high-quality: ISO certified and 25-year performance guarantee

“Unified was totally professional and helpful from start to finish which made the whole process very easy. Everything was done exactly to schedule and the end result is excellent.”

– Brenda Wallwork

Install your solar energy system now to save on this end of the financial year with UNIfied’s Commercial Solar PV Systems.

Get started, chat to our specialists! Call us at 1300 817 847.

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