Australian Energy Company UNIfied Donates $1,500,000 Worth of Energy-Efficient Fridges to Support Cricket for Climate

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UNIfied donates for Cricket for Climate

In an action to support Cricket for Climate, UNIfied Energy is donating $1,500,000 worth of energy-efficient fridges, assisting Cricket in Australia to become a carbon-neutral sport. 

Climate Change Threatening Cricket

By 2040, the Australian Climate Council expects that Australian summer temperatures could reach up to 50°C due to global warming. This makes it impossible for outdoor sports to be held. 

In response to this concern, Australian cricket men’s captain Pat Cummins has initiated a movement: Cricket for Climate. Working in partnership with Australian Sports Climate, the team aims to drive action against climate change and inspire others to do the same.

Launched in February 2022, Cricket for Climate started with cricket athletes, including Pat Cummins, making donations to their own cricket clubs to fund solar installation. Over time, they have expanded their reach not only in solar panels but also through other energy-efficient solutions to bring emissions closer to net zero.

UNIfied Playing Their Part in Cricket for Climate

Holding the same vision to provide Australia with a better future, UNIfied Energy takes part in helping Cricket 2 Climate achieve their sustainability goals. UNIfied donated $1,500,000 worth of energy-efficient fridges to support the movement and play their part in global sustainability efforts. 

The donated fridges represent UNIfied Energy’s commitment as Australia’s leading energy efficiency specialist to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint – securing a better future for the country. 

UNIfied’s contribution and Cricket for Climate meant a lot in bringing Australia a step closer to being a sustainability leader as set in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The actions not only show UNIfied’s commitment to sustainability but also inspire others to do the same. Together, Australia can drive its carbon emissions down to net zero. 

UNIfied Energy

UNIfied Energy is Australia’s largest diversified energy efficiency specialist. With a driven and dynamic team, UNIfied offers end-to-end energy solutions to Australians and businesses across the country. From solar systems, solar battery, LED lighting, heat pump, air conditioning, refrigeration, and many more. The team has been trusted by industry leaders in Australia, delivering high quality results that lower their cost and emissions. 

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Why UNIfied?

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