Avoid the Rise of Power Prices by Switching to Solar

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The Rise of Power Price

Power Prices, Interest Rates and Inflation are on the rise! Australians are looking for ways to cut down on their expenses. The question has now turned to can you afford NOT to get Solar.

Gas and electricity prices have always been a concern, and even more in summer, winter, and for those who are working from home who will be using more electrical appliances than they will usually need to. Adding to it, recently, gas and electricity prices, along with interest rates and inflation have skyrocketed and caused a lot of panic to many Australians.


“By the end of the year, I expect inflation to get to 7%.” – Philip Lowe, Reserve Bank of Australia


The recent sky-high prices of electricity and gas in Australia have been a result of many factors including economic, geopolitical, political, and even weather-related factors. From the Russian-Ukraine war, outages in coal-powered generators, to the sudden cold snap that caused a winter spike in demand for heating systems. 

As a result, the prices have risen from approximately $10/gigajoule to $800/gigajoule this week. But, it has later been capped by the Australian Energy Market Operator at $40/gigajoule only until June 10. 


“These price hikes have driven the prices in wholesale electricity markets to extraordinary levels. For example, the average wholesale price in the southern and eastern states in the period since April 10 (when the 2022 federal election was called) and yesterday has increased by 409% compared to the same period last year.” – Australian Energy Regulator


The power prices are predicted to remain high until the next 2 years, without any guarantee to when the crisis will stop.


“…renewables are not the cause of the problem. They are part of the solution.” – The Age


But, don’t worry, we got your back! To avoid this financial burden, you can opt to use solar power systems and save a lot. By using solar power, which depends on the sunlight compared to an electricity grid that depends on gas and other generators, you will be able to significantly reduce your electricity expenses. 

Moreover, if there’s a surplus of energy generated by your solar system, it will be transferred back to the electricity grid. In return, you will receive feed-in-tariffs from the utility company which is usually called a “net-metering” system – reducing your cost and is a great investment for the future. 

Here at UNIfied, we offer solar power installation with $0 upfront costs to install, and also numerous federal and state incentives to help you save more. We have a range of options that suit your needs.

Why UNIfied?

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– Guaranteed high-quality: ISO certified. 

Switch to solar now to avoid the rise of your power bills!

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