Real Price Difference Between Solar and Fossil Fuels

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Price difference between solar and fossil fuels

Yes, fossil fuels have been the most used source of energy as it is convenient and cost-effective. But, have you ever considered solar energy and how much it costs? If not, let us take you through it.

Fossil fuels take a long time (hundreds of millions years) to form.

As they are produced as a result of decomposition of the organisms that are absorbed, stored and buried deep inside the earth. As it took a long period of time to form, the supply of these fuels are limited and finite. 

Fossil fuels are the preferred and most popular source of energy.

Recently, especially in Australia, the energy crisis has led to the skyrocketing price of fossil fuels, where gas prices for example, has reached a record level of 50 times higher than its usual price in Victoria, forcing the market to impose a cap to limit the rising price. This happened due to various reasons including the Russia-Ukraine war, the limited supply, the bad weather, and Australia’s dependency on gas and coal powered energy. The cost of these fuels have now been very concerning for many.


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Energy can not only be produced from fossil fuels, but also other sources like Solar. 

Solar energy is produced by absorbing the sunlight and turning it into energy power. It is a natural and renewable type of energy available all over the world. Although many have been concerned with the high upfront costs it requires, it actually has declined over the years with various payment options, along with other government incentives and rebates that can help bring the costs down.

Once installed, the solar system is also easy to maintain and cost-effective. Moreover, you can even get rewarded with money when you sell the excess energy generated by your system to the local grid – a great investment!


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