Did you know that natural gas is just a marketing term?

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In recent years, the conversation around sustainable living has gained momentum, with a particular focus on reducing carbon footprints and embracing renewable energy sources.

Central to this discussion is the role of natural gas in home heating—a practice long touted as efficient and convenient. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that natural gas is not only harmful to the environment but also unnecessary in the face of superior alternatives like heat pumps.

It’s just a marketing term. Natural gas, often marketed as a clean energy solution, is anything but clean.


It primarily consists of:

  • Methane: a potent greenhouse gas with a global warming potential significantly higher than that of carbon dioxide.

The extraction, transportation, and combustion of natural gas release methane into the atmosphere, exacerbating climate change and contributing to air pollution. Despite industry claims of efficiency, the reality is that natural gas leaks occur throughout the production and distribution process, further intensifying its environmental impact.

As the world moves towards a renewable energy future, clinging to natural gas as a primary heating source becomes increasingly unsustainable and economically unwise.

Enter heat pumps

Heat pumps – for hot water or heating/colling – is proven alternative to natural gas heating systems.

Unlike traditional furnaces, which burn fossil fuels to generate heat, heat pumps utilise electricity to transfer heat from one space to another, providing efficient heating and cooling year-round.

A new era of energy efficiency

One of the most compelling advantages of heat pumps is their remarkable energy efficiency. For every unit of electricity consumed, heat pumps can produce two to three units of heat, making them significantly more efficient than combustion-based heating systems.

The era of natural gas as the go-to solution for home heating is coming to an end. It’s time to embrace cleaner, more sustainable alternatives like heat pumps.

For example, by switching to heat pump technology for your air conditioner and/or heater and hot water system, you are likely to save 3 to 4 times heat energy usage.  This means the emissions savings are realised from both energy efficiency and renewable energy usage.

The good news is Government rebates are available to help you with making the transition.

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