Households continue to boost renewable supply

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Rooftop solar, which generated more than a quarter of Australia’s total renewable energy last year, is expanding even faster this year according to the Clean Energy Regulator.

Another 1.4 gigawatts was added to the grid in the first half of the year and the total capacity by the end of 2023 is tracking towards 2021’s record when 3.2 gigawatts were added to the system.

It’s pleasing to hear a commentary by Wayne Smith, External Affairs Manager for the Smart Energy Council who said,

“Australians get that in a cost-of-living crisis solar absolutely makes sense. What we need to do now is make it easier for businesses and big industrial facilities to also invest in rooftop solar’.


In contrast to the uplift in small-scale renewables, the first half of 2023 has been pretty slow for investments in new large-scale renewable energy projects. Only 0.5 gigawatts of large-scale renewables reached a final investment decision where investors are willing to kickstart projects.  Consequently, “We’ve downgraded our expectations and now expect 2023 investment may not reach 3 gigawatts,” said David Parker, CEO of the regulator. “There are a number of challenges to investment commitments for new renewable capacity, including higher costs, connection and permitting, and revenue certainty”, he said.

The other good news:
  • Solar systems being installed by homeowners were also getting bigger, with the average upsizing sitting around 9.3 kilowatts as people try to reduce expenses.
  • There has also been a 70 per cent increase in connections of air source heat pumps, an electrically efficient way of heating and cooling of homes.
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