Make Every Dollar Count with These Energy-Saving Tips!

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energy saving tips

We are all trying to cope with the rising costs of living in recent times. So it’s important to make every dollar count. There are many ways you can save some extra dollars without having to make any investment on your part. This will just involve slight changes with energy-saving tips in your daily activities.

Making these small adjustments may not seem to make a difference in the short run. But, we assure you that these tips will keep a lot more dollars in your pocket in the long run. 

  1. Switch it off – Did you know that many of your home appliances are still drawing power right now just by being plugged in? Turn your appliances off at the wall when you’re not using them. Things like TV and its additional set-up boxes, toaster and kettle are all pushing your energy bill up throughout the day. Making this small change can produce big savings especially as electricity prices continue to rise.

  2. (and don’t forget) Turn off the lights – Are you aware that it takes more energy to leave a light on than it does to switch it back on, even if it is only off for a few seconds? That’s why we gave this its own dot point. Your lights are one of the biggest consumers of energy in your home. So, try to make a habit of turning them off when you’re not in the room. You can also look into a more energy-efficient form of lighting like LEDs. LEDs not only use less energy but also last longer, making them better value for money than incandescent or halogen light bulbs, and they can be used in the majority of existing fittings.

  3. Do your laundry at a lower temperature – You might think that this would take longer, but really it just means that the machine runs more efficiently and uses less water than usual. An adjustment as little as 10 degrees cooler will make a difference — less heat means less energy used, and less money wasted on your bills each month!

  4. Use your clothes dryer sparingly (if possible) – This one goes hand in hand with lowering your laundry temperature, less heat saves energy and saves you dollars off your energy bill. Dryers are one of the biggest energy-sucking appliances in your home! Hang your laundry outside to dry instead and put that Hills Hoist to use! This will also help to reduce the wear and tear on your clothing.

  5. Cut down your shower time – Save money and water! It’s not easy to sacrifice some of your personal space and shower routines, but shorter showers can lead to significant savings. We know it’s easy to lose sight of this when you’re singing your heart out or brainstorming your next big idea there, but being mindful of this time can make a big difference. So why not challenge yourself to be a bit more efficient and conscious during your next shower?

By following these simple tips, you will quickly reduce your energy consumption and make more of your dollars count. Try to implement these practices into your daily routine to really see the savings adding up! 

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