The COVID-19 pandemic has surely changed a lot of things in our life, including introducing WFH or working from home arrangements that have been popular and still maintained at some places even after the lockdown restrictions have been lifted due to the convenience that it offers for both companies and employees.

However, this convenience is not free, it comes with a cost.
If you’re one of those who work from home, you might have noticed that your energy bills have been higher than before. 

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Why? When you’re working from home, you can see a rise in your power bills. 

Rises can range from anywhere between 20-30% as you use more electricity to power all your electrical needs that were supposedly supplied by the company which includes computers, laptop, aircon/heater, kitchen appliances, television, internet, and many more. 

According to research, it is estimated that every 3 months, one person working from home can add approximately $340 in summer and $324 in winter to their energy bill when you add up home office, entertainment, kitchen use, and aircon/heater.

You can still enjoy working from home while you more on power bill.

Using solar, a renewable energy that is one of the cheapest sources of power in the world you can save. Solar systems generate power using sunlight, not your electricity grid. With that, it’s the ideal option for you who want to save money, and even make an investment that you can see the savings you’ve made in the following years.

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Therefore, UNIfied is here to ensure you can work from home without worrying about the large cost of electricity you have to cover for it and we will guarantee your savings or your moneyback*


Why UNIfied?

  • Trusted Solar and Storage Experts Since 2012 with over 30,000 sites installed.
  • Australia’s largest DIVERSified Energy Efficiency Specialist.
  • Assessed and installed by our team of experts in the field. All services are approved by the Clean Energy Council.
  • Guaranteed high-quality: ISO certified.


Start saving now and enjoy working from home with UNIfied Energy solar system!

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