Solar for Business Program (VIC) ends 30 June 2023

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Solar energy on the rise in Australia

Solar for Business rebates remaining: 1121*

One of the key incentives for businesses in Victoria to start their renewable energy journey is the Solar for Business program. This program provides rebates to eligible businesses that install a solar system, based on the size of the system and the amount of electricity generated.

Under this scheme, eligible businesses can apply for a rebate of up to $3,500 to install a solar panel system, with the option to take advantage of an interest-free loan up to $5,000.

Naturally, the program is in place to try encourage businesses to invest in renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.

How it works

The Solar for Business rebate amount is capped at 50% or $3,500 maximum of the cost on any approved system. This means that if the net costs of solar are $10,000, then the rebate value applied is $3,500 (not $5,000) or if the net costs are $4,000, then the rebate value applied is $2,000 (not $3,500).

Please note that net costs are inclusive of GST and any contribution from Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).

Program ends on 30 June 2023

However, as announced in the May 2023 State Budget this program is coming to a close and applications will be open until 6pm on 30 June 2023. Business customers will be given 120 days from the date the application is approved to complete their solar installation.

For more information, visit the Solar Victoria website.
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*Remaining rebates as at 24/06/2023

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