What is electrification?

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The role of energy efficiency and electrification in decarbonising Australia is crucial to support a net zero economy by 2050.  To achieve Australia’s target of reducing carbon emissions by 43% by 2030 alone, we will need to reduce emissions by 157 million tonnes!  And right now, we are not in the necessary path.  Nowhere near fast enough.

What is electrification?

Electrification involves replacing technologies that use fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) with technologies that use electricity instead as a source of energy.  Electric appliances and any electric equipment around the home not only enable the use of renewable electricity, but they’re more energy efficient than gas appliances.

Common household initiatives and appliances you should consider as part of your electrification journey include:

  • solar panels
  • reverse cycle air conditioner / heater
  • a heat pump or solar hot water system
  • electric cooktop

For example, by switching to heat pump technology for your air conditioner and/or heater and hot water system, you are likely to save 3 to 4 times heat energy usage.  This means the emissions savings are realised from both energy efficiency and renewable energy usage.

Using energy efficiency and electrification to reduce emissions is available now and almost always cost effective, giving us a better chance of achieving our emission reduction targets, while also saving money.   And the good news is Government rebates are available to help you with making the transition.

Savings at home $$$

Did you know that Australia is ranked worst in the developed world of energy efficiency?  This means collectively as a nation, powering our appliances and making sure our homes are not too cold or hot takes so much more energy than it should.

Many Australians are experiencing bill stress. Read our article on this topic recently.

A modelling by the Australian Council of Social Service and Brotherhood of St Laurence found a one-off capital investment of around $5,000 for a residential house (either through solar installation, heat pump hot water system or reverse cycle air conditioner/heater) can result in an average saving of more than $1,000 each year.  This means energy efficiency upgrades often pay for themselves within a few years, creating a saving for homeowners well into the future.

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