Why are Solar Energy Services on The Rise in Australia?

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Solar energy on the rise in Australia

Although solar energy has been around for some time, it is just recently that everyone has been turning their heads and giving attention towards solar energy. But, why? Why do they suddenly garner so much interest from the public after so long? 

Most people know solar energy and how it produces energy using the sun. However, people’s knowledge about solar power ends there.

Awareness of Fossil Fuels Damage to the Environment



Compared to fossil fuels and coal which have been in the market much longer, solar is no competition for them in terms of its popularity. As these energy sources have established their foot in the world as the leading source of energy for all power needs,  it has become a convenient and easy choice for everybody. However, as they are not sustainable and not renewable, the damage it has caused to the environment has slowly been felt by the public and many are looking for alternatives. 

Soaring Energy Price in Australia



But, a larger reason that causes solar energy to rise is not because of the realisation, but because of the recent soaring power bills. This has put a lot of financial pressure on every energy user in the country. For example, in Victoria, an increase of 5% already occurred. 

The rising price of electricity is caused by several factors such as:

  1. Outages of coal-fired and gas power plants lead to increasing prices
  2. Ukraine-Russian war causing shortages of energy supply, leading to higher demands from other countries
  3. Climate change causes extreme weather conditions interrupting the supply of coal

Due to the soaring price of electricity, people start to look for an alternative energy source that can help them cut down on their energy consumption and costs. One of the most effective ways is to switch to renewable energy – solar is the most popular option out of all due to its stability and incentives. 

With solar, they can generate on-site electricity without having to rely on the electricity grid, so reduction in energy consumption. Moreover, the government has provided various incentives such as the LGCs and STCs that help lift the financial burden of installing solar – attracting people to switch to solar. 


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